The Leftovers (TV series)


Rating: A

How do you write about a show like The Leftovers? The first five episodes of the show were probably the most depressing I have ever watched for some time. Dealing with the lives of the people who lost families and friends in an event called the Sudden Departure where two percent of the global population disappeared- this is definitely no light TV serving. And yet, you stick to it — intrigued, puzzled and more importantly relating to the characters and their often futile attempts at normality and sanity. But as Emily Nussbaum’s review similarly observes, a sudden shift in tone and pace takes place in episode 6 (The Guest) with a focus on one of the most compelling characters of the series, Nora Durst (played by Carrie Coon) and an episode of stolen identity and magical hugs. It reminds me of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez short story—- of surreal events brought around or happening in the most mundane circumstances.

A hard-sell of a show but a satisfying think piece for those who are brave enough to take the plunge.



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