Ghost in a Shell (2017)


Ghost in a Shell directed by Rupert Sanders and based on the cult-favorite Japanese Manga of the same name by Masamune Shirow  is yet another valiant but flawed effort from Hollywood in converting foreign works to mass directed blockbusters. The original source material which boasted stunning visuals and a heady existential and philosophical questions appear to have been diluted in its live-action recreation. Perhaps, in its effort to ensure mass appeal, the writers felt the need to make the movie fit into the now-too-familiar trope of the dystopian fad,  resulting in many of the complex questions of the original to be glossed over.

Although the movie is not one to write home about, it is still a beautifully made film with memorable set pieces that in themselves make it worth the watch. That being said, I feel that this movie, given its desire to have a wider audience and its sacrificing of the source materials more difficult aspects, felt tepid when it came to its action sequences. Even the famous fight between the invisible major and the hacked assassin failed to translate in this film. The fight scenes not only failed to give the film a shot of adrenaline that would have pleased a good chunk of its target audience but they were also largely forgettable.

All in all, the ghost of the movie felt too weak to shine through the glossy veneer of its shell.

Rating: B-


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